Destination: Void
The Peter Evans Quintet's long-awaited second album.  

Four monumental new compositions commissioned by the Roulette/Jerome Foundation's Emerging Artist Grant and recorded at the state-of-the-art Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, New York. 

The album is named after a novel by Frank Herbert concerning a mission into space to create an artificial consciousness, a mission which is designed to use the frustrations, failures and imminent destruction of the crew to propel them to new levels of creativity. Destination: Void is an epic, cinematic synthesis of inimitable personalities, sci-fi, intricate notation, dense improvisation and creative sound design. 

1. 12 (for Evan Parker)
2. For Gary Rydstrom and Ben Burtt
3. Make it So
4. Tresillo

69 minutes of music


Peter Evans- trumpet & piccolo trumpet
Sam Pluta- live electronics
Ron Stabinsky- piano & prepared piano
Tom Blancarte- bass
Jim Black- drums and percussion

Recorded at EMPAC and engineered by Jeff Svatek

Mixed and Mastered by Sam Pluta

Physical copies within the USA: 13 USD
UK and Europe: 20 USD
For Asia, Africa and Australia please inquire before purchasing as to the shipping cost.

Download available for 7 USD.

Paypal: with the payment and format request and More is More will get back to you asap.

Excerpt from "Tresillo"

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